The Church of God is on trial in Nigetia. Christianity has turned upside down.
I was on my increasingly weekly trips to Enugu. It has become that frequent. If it is not about my farm, then it is about my rice. If it is not about mynrice, then it is about the little matter of a Reverend Gentleman who swelled his sense of religious entitlement so much he thought is was right, rightful and righteous for him to appropriate a vast expanse of our community land for his private university project.
So I was I'm.Enugu and in the midst of friends and brothers, the discussion moved from politics to community issues and to religion.
It was when we were on the.Religion beat that one of them mentioned how a priest recently warned members of his Parish to stop bringing offerings of yams and food stuff because there was so much; too much of them in the parish house already. He was said to have specifically.told them to bring money instead.
It was something that worried me. It worried me.for many reasons. I know the place I come.from. Many of even have the yams being.declared superfluous by a priest . Most.are starving.and would sometimes give all that they have just for the sense of belonging and fellowship the Church provides.
It worried me because in the days of yore, was supposed and.actually.did share such surpluses among the poor in the.society. And there are legions of them that daily throng the Church for hope and sense of belonging..
But the Church would rather tdetermine the type of offering they bring and even.specifically ask them for money.
I returned hotel early and must have slept off around 7pm.
Sometime around three, I kept hearing voices. They.we're sounding like they were preaching and sharing the.word of God. I thought it was a dream and struggled to shut them.out.
But the little voices continued and grew louder. Having failed to.shut out what I thought was an intrusive dream, I opened my eye to the blinding lights from.the television and the ones on the roof. It then dawned on me that I.did.not shut the lights and television before dozing off.
And I was not going it. Sleep has cleared and my attention was fully.consumed by the programme on TV.
It was a production of Christian Broadcasting Network. Programme title was Living the Life.
I saw how Christians were raising funds and.reaching out to people in the lowest classes of Indian caste society. Homeless families were brought together, given homes, sent to school and given vocational training.
I.saw Christians, rich.Christians hugging the poor, wretched and dirty with love showing in their eyes.
I saw Christians moving into strife-strewn Mogadishu neighbourhoods, providing toilets and food for the displaced.
And they did not care if those receiving from them were Christians or not. In fact all in the pictures I saw were not.
Tears welled up as sleep took.flight as I watched and flashed back at the discussion we had earlier in the evening.
I compared. I remembered that song,.Give me that old time religion. I was certain we have derailed.
I compared. I remembered the problem we are having.with.the priest who.wants our land for his PRIVATE UNIVERSITY. At the expense of women farming on the land now.and who will.never afford to.send their kids to this university if and when built. I remembered the threats of spiritual and physical force the priest had been using to.blackmail the community to submission.
I compared. Christianity in Nigeria is no better than feudalism. Spirituality is Humility.has left. The church no longer gives hope. It not gives a sense of belonging. The type social clubs
I compared. I.feared that the day the wool shall.drop off all our eyes, Christianity will suffer and on its trail will be.decadence.
I.compared. Christianity need to.reclaim what it has lost and is losing - it's very soul.
May Almighty God help us.
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